Air Transportation

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ICT  provides discreet and secure air transportation anywhere in the world!
Air Transportation

We work within the guidelines of the TSA, FAA and the local Airport Police

In-Custody Transportation has an air extradition team that can carry out your domestic and international prisoner relocation needs. We have a very low key and discreet approach to conducting any air transportation. Furthermore, we work strictly within the guidelines set out by the TSA, FAA and the local Airport Police.
Discreet air transportation
We ensure that our prisoners do not bring any attention to themselves as involuntary passengers on any commercial airliner. Let’s take away the top layer and show how secure this individual really is!
fully secured prisoner

This is a closer inside look of how our inmate is secured. We utilize a high quality transport leather belt and handcuffs secured around his waist. So what about his legs?

Prisoner handcuffed around waist
In this example, we have placed the restraints on top of his clothing for demonstration purposes. The inmate will always wear the weight on one leg and a fully lockable leg brace on the other under  his clothes. With these in place the inmate is very inconspicuous and strictly limits the ability to flee.
Prisoner restraints shown for demonstration purposes
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