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ICT Providing prisoner transportation anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Fully uniformed employees
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In-Custody Transportation Operates
in the Safest way for all involved

In-Custody Transportation understands the need for the security of the public, the inmate and its staff, so therefore we implement its Standard Operating Procedures that apply from the following:
  • Article Four of the United States Constitution, Section 2,
    Clause 2- “Extradition of Fugitives”
  • Chapter 964 of the Uniform Criminal Extradition Act
  • Interstate Transportation of Dangerous Criminals Act 2000
  • U.S. Code, Title 18, Part II, Chapter 18.
  • In-Custody Transportation, Inc., Standard Operating Procedures

In-Custody Transportation also prides itself on
having the following:

  • Specially tailored “Private Prisoner Transportation”
    General Liability Insurance with limits of $20,000,000
  • Specific “Private Prisoner Transportation”
    commercial motor vehicle insurance with limits of $1,000,000
  • Workers Compensation Insurance with limits of $1,000,000
  • Professional Liability Insurance with limits of $5,000,000

These policies generally exceed what is requested by agency purchasing departments or contracts that require minimum coverage’s. Our policies are specifically underwritten for the private prisoner transportation industry and are not just basic general liability policies that DO NOT cover the transportation company, or your agency, for the work that is performed. With all of the above practices carried out, you can rest assured that the needs of you and your agency will be held in the highest regard and will be represented by In-Custody Transportation, Inc. with absolute professionalism at all times.

Professional uniformed guards
security vehicle
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